Tom and Kate

Tom and Kate are anticipating the arrival of their second child and are starting to think they will need a bigger house for all these toys. Kate recently resigned from her job as a teacher to stay home with the kids. As their family grows, they are realizing the importance of planning for the future so they are shopping for life insurance and talking about drafting up a will. Tom and Kate are hoping their children can attend private school but if they buy a bigger house too, they may not have any money left over to save for emergencies. They also want to set up a college fund for their children and start adding money to it on a regular basis. They both have 401ks and they hope to open an IRA but don’t know where to start. Nazelrod and Associates help families like Tom and Kate’s all the time. A growing family and added financial responsibility can sometimes be overwhelming but we can help you build a plan to that will prepare you for all of life’s events. We will give you the tools and knowledge needed to achieve financial security for life.

Our financial professionals can help with:

• College fund options
• Life insurance decisions
• Drafting a will