Life Stage Planning

Financial stability when life is constantly changing.

When you are creating your financial plan, it’s important to understand that it’s not a one-time event but an ongoing process. As you age and career and family situations change, it’s a good idea to review your financial plan and make necessary changes.  Nazelrod & Associates has the knowledge, experience and compassion to help you along each stage of your life.

Just starting out..

When you’re just beginning your career path, you have the luxury of taking financial risks by investing aggressively and dreaming of the future. While trying to roll with whatever this busy life stage throws your way, its often difficult to stop and think about realistically planning for the future.

Tom and Kate are anticipating the arrival of their second child and are considering buying a larger home. Kate recently resigned from her job as a teacher to stay home with the kids so they are adjusting to a tighter budget.  As their family grows, they are realizing the importance of planning for the future so they have recently been discussing life insurance and drafting a will.  Tom and Kate are hoping their children can attend private school but if they buy a bigger house too, they may not have any money left over to save for emergencies.

Nazelrod & Associates helps families like Tom and Kate’s every day.  A growing family and added financial responsibility can often be overwhelming but we can help you build a plan that will prepare you for all of life’s events.  We will give you the tools and knowledge needed to achieve financial security for life.  Our financial professionals can help with:

  • College fund options
  • Opening and funding an IRA
  • Life Insurance decisions
  • Drafting a will

Mid Career

As you approach the midpoint in your career, you may have grown your assets and may have acquired more responsibilities. You also may not have the same appetite for risk  you had when you were first starting out. Retirement, and funding your kids’ college education are quickly approaching and  you may want to consider a more conservative investment approach.

Bob and Janet  finally have the house to themselves since their youngest son recently went off to college. They are considering selling their four bedroom house and purchasing a condo in Annapolis to reduce maintenance and utility costs.  They are juggling their options and trying to figure out if selling is a wise choice in this rough economy.

They would like to be able to continue to pay the full college tuition for both of their children so student loans can be avoided. They need a strict budget, a concrete plan and some sound advice on several financial decisions.  Nazelrod & Associates guides couples like Bob and Janet as they start down-sizing and gearing up for the next phase on their life.

Our financial professionals can help you:

  • College payment options
  • Retirement income planning

Late Career and Retirement

With retirement quickly approaching, it’s time to be sure your nest egg is protected and your investment risks are minimized.

Jim just celebrated his 62nd birthday and is about to become a grandfather. He has worked for the same company for 27 years and recently accepted an early retirement offer. His buyout package included health insurance for a short period of time but soon he will need to shop for his own insurance to protect him until Medicare kicks in when he turns 65.  With the money he received from his buyout package, Jim hopes to put a down payment on a condo in Florida so he can escape the cold Maryland winters to enjoy his favorite warm weather hobbies like sailing and fly fishing.

Jim’s financial concerns are like many others approaching the senior stage of life. Nazelrod & Associates can help  people like Jim navigate through:

  • Health insurance options
  • Retirement expense planning
  • Social security options

From your first job in the real world to your retirement party and beyond, Nazelrod & Associates is there to advise you each step of the way.