Long-Term Care Insurance

As we age, there is a growing likelihood that at some point in our lives, we will, or a family member will, need nursing home care. With the cost of a skilled nursing home exceeding $70,000 per year in many parts of the country*, this can be financially debilitating for many families. This financial risk  faced by many individuals for themselves, or for an aged parent, can be reduced through the use of long-term care insurance. At Nazelrod & Associates, our licensed insurance professionals are able to help clients in assessing the best solution for potential long-term care needs.

Jason Nazelrod, Eugene Nazelrod, Scott Hoskins, and Donna Wauters Swarthout are licensed insurance agents in the state of Maryland. Please inquire about other state availability.

*1 US Dept. of Health & Human Services; Publication No. HCFA 02174; Rev. 4/96.