Bob and Janet

Bob and Janet finally have the house to themselves since their youngest son recently went off to college. They are considering selling their four bedroom house and purchasing a condo in Annapolis to reduce maintenance and utility costs. They are juggling their options and trying to figure out if selling is a wise choice in the rough economy. Bob and Janet have taken out a second mortgage to remodel their kitchen a few years back. They have depleted their savings account quite a bit and are starting to worry there won’t be enough money to retire and do all the things they enjoy doing together such as playing golf and traveling. They would like to be able to continue to pay the full college tuition for both of their children so student loans can be avoided. They need a strict budget, a concrete plan and some advice on several financial decisions. Nazelrod and Associates guide families like Bob and Janet as they start down sizing and realizing retirement isn’t too far off.

Our financial professionals can help you with:

•College payment options
•Retirement income planning